5 Biggest Misconceptions of Instagram for Business in 2019

Instagram is the superstar on the landscape of social media. It gains more popularity with the consumers as it makes easy to manage the photos and allow to post the enhanced pictures. Apart from the fun and entertainment; it offers the opportunity for businesses to reach more people and through that, they can build their online presence and improves their sales.

Yet, many people are refused to use this platform and miss millions of strong users they can potentially engage because of some misconceptions. Let’s have a look at the 5 biggest misconceptions of Instagram

  1. It works well for selling visual products:

Rather, it should be seen as an incentive to get more productive. The main target for these companies is to find the compelling, valuable and entertaining images to share with their customers or the target audience.

As they cannot showcase their products, what they can do on Instagram? Simple, they are advised to share the photos of their products with their employees. Showcasing the products with the employees and their customized desks mainly have two advantages. First one is; it mainly attracts the job aspirants who are looking job for a particular field. The other one is; it builds the trust in potential customers.

  1. Instagram is only for Big Brands:

Many small business people think that Instagram is only for the big brands but actually it is not like that. I can give many examples for that: The Shwood, Folk Fibers, Almond Surfboards, Mission Bicycle all are only small business people. But they are doing a great job on Instagram and via Instagram, they are establishing their business day by day and also gains popularity among the people. Small businesses choose to buy Instagram followers and views to get the most out of this network in a short period of time.

  1. Instagram is for posting images only

This is again the great misconception about Instagram among the people. It is not only to post a picture and content but also a good platform to run campaigns and photo contests. Plus, you can upload videos, Instagram stories and IGTV TV videos here.

  1. Results can’t be tracked:

Many people think that the result of the promotion cannot be measured and tracked on Instagram. But, actually, this is a wrong idea now the built-in insights tool is available to measure the results. You can track your marketing campaigns with the help of Instagram analytics tool. But you need to have a business account to access this tool.

  1. Instagram can sell your Photos:

Many people afraid that the photos on Instagram can sell to the third parties and got negative feedback from many of the Instagram users. Instagram doesn’t sell the photos of its users, you can use it as you want.

Bottom line:

Instagram is a great app to promote your business and also to get fame among the people. In case, if you found any other limitation to use this app then let us know in the comments section.