Bindi Irwin and her Instagram followers’ opinion about her

Bindi Irwin is a famous Australian television personality who began her career at the young age of 9. She has been featured on TV shows as young as the age of two in her father’s television shows. Her interest in wildlife and its protection has always been evident but it first became known to the world when her first children’s wildlife documentary TV series ‘Bindi the Jungle Girl’ got aired. Ever since, she has actively been a part of singing, rapping, dancing, acting, and game-show hosting. She is also the proud creator of two instructional fitness DVDs.

Bindi Irwin was born to Terri Irwin and Steve Irwin on 24 July 1998. She is currently 20 and an active wildlife supporter. She has carried forward with her father’s legacy. Her father was a wildlife expert and Bindi grew at the zoo in Australia where her love for nature and wildlife was fostered. After her father passed away in 2006, she started her very own show ‘Bindi the Jungle girl’.

Bindi was eager to share her love for wildlife with the world kept trying to and succeeding in entertaining her audience. She rode elephants, mustered the courage to play with a python, introduced her pet rat to her audience and did so much more to please her ever-increasing audience. In 2018, she brought in her mother Terri and brother to the Animal Planet series ‘Crikey! It’s the Irwins’.

Irwin has vowed to never let her father’s efforts die and in trying to keep his legacy alive, she supports the Wildlife Warriors Worldwide charity that her parents founded in 2002. In her drive towards saving the planet, Bindi has travelled the world. All her tireless efforts bore fruit with the huge fan-following she managed. Through her TV series, campaigns and her Instagram account, she has gained popularity that many her age cannot claim to have.

Her Instagram followers have skyrocketed ever since she started posting photos and videos taken in forests and with a variety of animals. Her 1.9 million followers, likes and support have been the fruit of all her efforts. The support she got from the platform resulted in her winning the Guinness World Record for Instagram followers.

Bindi posted a photo of her award ;‘being the most followed TV naturalist/conservationist’ on Instagram. She claimed that all she ever wanted to do was follow in her father’s footsteps. She took this opportunity to convey to the world the importance of environment conservation. Bindi’s followers have been nothing but supportive of her efforts ever since the start. They hold her in high regard and would love to follow her in this great cause.

They have expressed their admiration for her unfailing efforts and determination. Bindi hopes to continue with her dream and her father’s legacy, and she needs all the support others have to offer. Her devotion to wildlife is incomparable and with this she hopes to change the world. Her family and fans are also there to support her on every step of the process.