How long does it takes to break a habit

We all go through a number of habits in our daily routine. Those comprise of so many good and bad habits having different effects on our physical as well as mental health. So it is very important to have a good idea about your habits and work on them for your benefit. Because some of your bad habits can have drastic effects on you. For example smoking, it is one bad habit that is the reason behind so many other problems like lungs problems and addiction etc. It is very important to break habits like these because in the longer than they can prove to be fatal for your health.

It is a very common notion that it takes 21 days to adapt a new habit. But is it really true in reality. A research was published a few weeks ago where 96 people were studied on their habits and after a thorough research, it was seen that on average it take 66 days to make a new habit. The researchers found the variations of 18 to 254 days on adapting a new habit between these 96 people.  So, its simple, if you want to adapt a new habit just stick a little longer to it than usual.

But what about when you want to break a habit. Well, researches have found that breaking a habit is also making a new one. Because when you want to leave one thing, you want to adapt a new one. So it is quite possible that the time you will spend adapting a new habit will also be the time to break an old one.

It has also been found that it is easy to adapt a new habit then to leave an old one. So before you try to leave an old one, try to start a new habit that might have relation to your old one. It will help you in breaking an old habit too. For example, if you want to leave smoking, try to adapt nicotine gums or inhalers for the starters. They will help you in catering your smoking problems.

Experts also argue that breaking a particular habit does not happen in a specific number of days. But it also depends on the mixture of your personality, determination and the habit that needs to break.  It also depends on your personal values about things. If there is something that you think is wrong and you are determined to break it, then you will be able to if you keep that determination till the end.

So there you have it. To break an old habit, just try to adapt a new one. It will not only help you in leaving that one habit but also keeps you on the track of adapting new and good habits. Also keep a track of your own values, beliefs and determination. Because to be able to kickstart something new, to have the will to do it is the first step.